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Mad Genie Risky (RR Part 2 Final Boss Concept) by Paragon-Yoshi Mad Genie Risky (RR Part 2 Final Boss Concept) by Paragon-Yoshi
Finally, I managed to finish this. :faint:

This is my first shot at Risky Boots, as well as animals (her transformations),
I really love how Risky turned out. She is just spot-on for my skills.

However, I have been struggling with her transformations, I must say.
So in the end, I decided to keep them simple. Just to get the general idea across.
Of course, you could tweak their designs. Which is definitely what I'd do, if this concept were to make it in the game.
Once I attained the proper skills, I might re-draw this one.
But for my current experience and skills, this will have to do.
Sorry... ^^;

So now what is the deal with this concept?
Well, allow me to explain...
Though the explanation is quite lengthly.

First of all, the finger-thrust is just something I added for fun.
It's just a little Easter Egg.
Anyone care to take a guess whom this Easter Egg is referencing? :meow:


This idea emerged when me and :iconmaetch: started talking about on how the plot of "Shantae: Risky's Revenge" could continue.
And let's be honest, the game pretty much cries out for a sequel.
There is just no way you can end a story like that. You just can't!

So me and my friend kept exchanging ideas and story concepts.
And ultimately, it was him who came up with the basic idea for a powered up Risky as a Final Boss for Risky's Revenge Part 2.
I quote:
'Risky Boots is the last boss of Part 2. However, this time, she uses the Black Lamp to fill herself with Genie Magic. Now, in addition to Risky's usual pirate-swordplay, she'll unleash all sorts of inhuman powers, from teleportation to duplication to transforming into cruel variations of Genie Animals.'

So I went with his basic idea and expanded it.
We also worked out a good basic plot for both Part 2 and Part 3.
Our story still follows the "Trilogy-Concept" that "Risky's Revenge" originally was supposed to follow.
(And frankly, we still hope it will follow it in the future.)
But I will only focus on the Risky Boss Battle here.
If you want to know about the basic plot that we worked out, comment and let me know.
I will gladly share. ;)

So let's get into detail:
In our story, Risky learns more and more about the lamp and how it can be used.
And throughout the game, she drains magic from any given source, in similar fashion as a blood-thirsty vampire.
And she uses it in various ways. The most common being AUGMENTING her Tinkerbats.
Like making them bigger, muscular and tougher, merging them or whatever.

The final battle takes place in the Scuttle Town Plaza.
In the first phase Shantae faces her walking Boat again.
Though this time it is not only fully repaired, but also MAGICALLY ENHANCED.
Giving it all sorts of new abilities. Like Eye Lasers or the ability to generate shockwaves, by stomping or landing from a jump.

The second phase is another duel against Risky.
Which pretty much goes the same, as the final battle in the original "Shantae" game.
Though she learned some new tricks. Such as the ability to Block, Dodge and Counter.

In the final phase of the Boss Battle however, things go crazy.
Risky, determined not to lose, uses ALL of the energy that the lamp can spare on herself.
Greatly augmenting her, making her superpowered.
However, the magic power of the lamp is far too powerful for Risky to control.
As a result, she is intoxicated by the lamp's power and goes completely mad.
First, she gains a creepy look on her face and a psychotic, hysterical laugh.
And second, her motives suddenly shift for the worse.
She now seeks to "Drown Sequin Land in Darkness" and becomes really obsessed with the thought of killing Shantae.

To quote Mimic:
'That foolish Risky! She is playing with powers far beyond her control.'

After some short conversations and creepy actions from Risky's Side, the final showdown commences.
In which Shantae faces a superpowered Risky, who gained various supernatural abilities.
Such as teleporting, levitating or the ability to fire magic blasts by swinging her sword.
An even bigger shock for Shantae, is that Risky now utilizes dances to transform into ferocious, cruel versions of her original four transformations.
A Monster-Gorilla, a fanged Mammoth, a Tarantula and a Dragon respectively.

It's a tough battle, but in the end Shantae emerges victorious.
She then uses the power of the Magic Talisman (the main quest item that Shantae collects in part 2) to force the dark powers out of Risky and get her Genie-Powers back.
Risky drops on the ground unconscious with the lamp following shortly after.

As Risky wakes up, with no memory of what happened.
In fact, she can only remember the theft of the lamp at the beginning of "Risky's Revenge".
Other than that, she is completely unaware of what she has been doing over the course of the two games.
Though Shantae thinks she is just messing with her.

Eventually she ignores Risky and goes for the lamp, lying on the ground.
But just as she wants to pick it up, a loud laugh emerges from it.
Then a powerful mass of energy comes out and the TRUE ANTAGONIST is finally revealed.
Who is that?
Well, I won't tell here! ;P

Though if you really want to know, then feel free to contact me. ;)
I might even end up drawing him later.
But I am not too sure about that.

Boss Battle
So how would the boss battle play out?
Well firstly, she would retain ALL of her attacks from the previous phase.
Though since she is superpowered she gained a lot of supernatural powers.
And she knows how to effectively use them.

Next up are her Transformations.
As the battle wages on she will dance and transform.
The first transformation is her Gorilla-form.
Then comes the Mammoth, the Tarantula and then finally the Dragon.
If she is damaged enough, she will start using the next transformation. Simple as that.

Risky's transformation, like I said before, are ferocious, cruel versions of Shantae's original four transformations.
Overall, they are bigger and more powerful than Shantae's transformations.
They also can use the very same abilities as Shantae's counterparts.
IN ADDITION to new abilites_
- The Gorilla-Form can PICK UP AND THROW objects lying around.

- The Mammoth-Form can perform an ICE BREATH that can freeze Shantae for a moment.

- The Tarantula-Form's special attack is called TINKER-SWARM, in which Risky, when sticking on a wall, lays a large number of eggs from which a swarm of "Tinkerbat-Spiders" (I drew two in the drawing) will hatch.
One spider is easily defeated. One hit of any attack will defeat it.
But they always attack in swarms. And they will leap at Shantae and try to clutch at her.
Which will slow her movements, up to the point where she cannot move at all.
The Tinker-Spider's will also constantly bite Shantae, if they hang onto her.
So better shake them off as fast as you can.

- And lastly, her Dragon-Form can BREATH FIRE!
The flames will also remain on the ground for a while.
Which can severly limit Shantae's movements.

One thing to note about Risky's transformations.
The power boost comes at a cost.
So Risky can only remain transformed for a LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME.
And her transformations also have a COOLDOWN.
Meaning once she re-transforms, a certain amount of time needs to pass before she can transform again.

And the last thing to mention is her DESPERATION ATTACK, which I dubbed "Chaos Slicer".
She only uses this attack, when she is on her last leg.
So once she starts using it, you can tell that she is nearly defeated.

In this attack, she flies up and charges her sword with magic power.
Then she starts DASHING and TELEPORTING around, hitting Shantae with a series of FAST sword-slashes, if hit.
And lastly, Risky reappears in mid-air, charging her sword once more before thrusting it into the ground, unleashing a giant mass of black magic.

During the Dash-Series, Risky moves at INSANELY HIGH SPEED.
Making the attack hard to avoid. Plus, once a slash hits, you can only watch Shantae getting raped by sword-slashes.
Since Risky moves so fast during this attack, she will continously hit Shantae, before she even has a chance to react.
However, the last hit can still be avoided, if you react in time.

This attack is extremely powerful and dangerous.
And it can turn the battle into a race against time.
So at this point, you really should try to end the battle as quickly as possible.
Before Risky uses the attack again and again.

So this is all I have to say about this.

Oh and as for "Dark Shantae": Tbh, I wouldn't use her again.
Unless she is included only once more as a pushover to make a little fun of the "Dark Character" concept.
It needs to be done...
In all seriousness though, I REALLY dislike palette-swap characters, especially the "Dark Character" conept
But I do not want to hold this discussion here.
Instead I will refer to this: [link]
The reasons can be found in there.

Feel free to tell me what you think about this concept. :)
Thanks a lot! :D

Risky Boots is of WayForward and Matt Bozon
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JellyMayCry Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Is the finger-thrust inspired by Dio from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by any chance?
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
You nailed it. :D
SammyW28 Featured By Owner May 28, 2012
Would be nice if Risky got her hands dirty more...
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
Indeed. >: D
RoboKitty Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
Gorilla, mammoth, giant spider, and... pterodactyl... thing. Yeah, that's pretty much "Dark Shantae" (and I know this wouldn't fit in a game, but I would also have drawn a sea serpent for an "Dark Mermaid Shantae" form)

"The closest I would get to use her, is her only making a brief appearance at the beginning of part 2, where Shantae destroys her with just one attack, following a funny conversation to make fun of her and the "Dark Character" concept in general."
Agree and disagree. Hate them all you want (and there are lots of perfectly valid reasons to hate them), but in the eyes of a designer a "Dark character" opens up a lot of possibilities
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
'Gorilla, mammoth, giant spider, and... pterodactyl... thing. Yeah, that's pretty much "Dark Shantae" (and I know this wouldn't fit in a game, but I would also have drawn a sea serpent for an "Dark Mermaid Shantae" form)'
Well, it's still Risky though.
But thanks. :)

'Agree and disagree. Hate them all you want (and there are lots of perfectly valid reasons to hate them), but in the eyes of a designer a "Dark character" opens up a lot of possibilities.'
I don't think it does. An original concept is always better than palette-swapping, which even 3 year olds can do.
Video Games are art and art stands for creativity. That's what I stand for.
And palette-swapping is one of many things in the video gaming worlds that is totally uncreative and inappropriate.
Hence, it shouldn't be used.

But yeah, I do not want to discuss this subject any further.
The reasons are within the link that I posted.
Let's leave it at that.
Hidden by Owner
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
Like I said before, I don't want to hold this discussion here.
I will stand by my own point. So let's leave it at that...
RoboKitty Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
"Like I said before, I don't want to hold this discussion here."
I do. Should we do this by PM?
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
Okay then.
Nate53 Featured By Owner May 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Very good drawings! :)
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
Thanks a lot. :D

Hope you read the description as well. ^^;
Nate53 Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah I did this time. Lol
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
Cool. Sorry about the length though. ^^;

What do you think? :)
Nate53 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I think it's awesome! Although I think it's safe to say I would be stuck on the risky battle for a while Especially considering how you explained the "Chaos Slicer" I don't dodge attacks well in any game.
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
Lol, yeah... ^^;
Chicaaaaa Featured By Owner May 6, 2012  Student General Artist
Ooo, I really like these transformations! You're certainly improving with your digital skills...I have to admit Risky's Mammoth and Dragon form are the most impressive to me. :) I...have to admit though, something seems off about her Gorilla form. Maybe it's just aspects like proportioning of her limbs, but otherwise I really like how this came out!

Keep it up! :highfive:
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
Yeah, I know I might screwed up at some parts. ^^;
The transformations is what I am most unsure about, like I said.

But thanks a lot. :aww:
DarkLuigi-1 Featured By Owner May 6, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Risky with Transformations? Shantae, you have a rival.
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
And a very tough boss to beat. :nod:
Maetch Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
Not bad. The psychotic look is okay, but I don't like Risky's face all scarred and bleeding. It's in poor taste.
Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
Like I said, the bleeding is just a little "Easter Egg" that I added for fun.

Though, the other... things in her face are not supposed to be scars. ^^;
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